In Buffalo, we typically can get almost anywhere in Western New York in about 20 or 25 minutes or less. Compared to most cities in the United States, that is pretty good. But, there's always a few cars that seem to tick you right off when you get on the road for one reason or another.

Lets look at the Top 5 Most Annoying Drivers that are on Buffalo roads, what they do, and why they may need to go back to Steven's Driving School for a few years. If you find yourself matching any of these descriptions: take a hint.

What else would you add to the list?

Let's also remember this gem that happened on the Thruway in Buffalo in 2015.

  • 1

    The First Snow Fall Drivers

    You live in Buffalo, NY for crying out loud--the most annoying driver is the one that sees that it has started lightly snowing and suddenly we need to go 10 MPH. Of all cities, we practice in the snow the most. Still be cautious, but no need to act like grandma the minute you see snow.

  • 2

    Busy Betty

    They are on their phones, talking, eating, anything but, it seems like the only thing that they are not worried about is driving itself. They're not worried about you or the safety of being on the road. A sub-effect is that they end up going below the speed limit / cut you off because they are not paying attention. Busy Betty rarely uses blinkers.

  • 3

    Nervous Nicholas

    This guy usually isn't confident about driving. That, or he's the one who you'll yell "learn how to drive, pal" at over and over again. Usually going under the speed limit and doesn't make decisive decisions when it comes to changing lanes or being prepared to get off ramps. Nervous Nicks are frequent during rush hour.

  • 4

    The Invisible Driver

    They drive like they are the only person that is driving down Transit Road at 4 PM on a Friday. They believe that they will never get in an accident and nothing can ever happen to them--speeding and just weaving in and out of traffic. Heads up, we think you're annoying. Typically, these are teenagers and the drivers who like to race on back roads.

  • 5

    The Out-Of-Towner

    You see that Florida license plate and they're in the far left hand lane on the 190 going 40 mph. No need for further explanation.

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