We say things here in Buffalo that nobody else really does. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from using Buffalo "slang" when talking to someone who isn't from here. Seriously, sometimes friends visit Buffalo and Western New York and they have no idea what some of these words or phrases mean.

When I went into a bar a few weeks ago up in Williamsville, I asked for a pop, along with my beer, and the bartender looked at me like I had three heads. He just moved here from the south, and has no idea what "pop" was.

I had to explain to him that pop was "soda," which many people around the country call it. Many also just call it a coke, but pop is something that is Western New York specific.

You don't really think of it as weird, just something you always say, because you live and have been raised in Buffalo.

What other words or phrases can you think of?

Here are 10 words or phrases only we say here in Western New York.

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