With the end of school awards being handed out all across Western New York, we have to ask the question....what about us Adults?

Since kids nowadays get some sort of award at the end of every sports season and school year, adults should get some awards too!

Here are 5 awards that You, as an adult, definitely deserve!

1. The No Sweatpants Award

Yes...now that we have jobs, sleeping in and wear sweatpants all day is no longer a viable option. Good job to wear real clothes today!

2. The Small Talk Award

OMG...how many times have you heard Karen tell you about her sick cat from college! You definitely deserve an award for listening!

3. The I'm an adult award

Sure, you wanted to buy that Unicorn glitter or the latest Star Wars LEGO set, but no you paid your bills and rent...on time....Yes, you are an adult!

4. The Poop Patrol Award

Much goodness, who knew cats had to make #2 so often or little Fido would leave mounds of waste on the lawn...well welcome to adulthood where your walks now have you carrying a plastic bag or cleaning up litter every day!

5. The I Haven't Killed A Co-Worker Yet Award

We all have them...co-workers that would make your job easier if they just happened to disappear, but you are too good-looking to go to jail so you just push down the rage and smile!

Congrats on being an adult...now let's go to Happy Hour!!

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