It was a beautiful Friday and Saturday across much of New York State. The first half of the weekend brought sunshine and warm temperatures, which saw mid-80’s for some regions on Saturday afternoon.

But with summertime weather comes the threat of summertime thunderstorms.

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Sunday morning has seen rainfall for Western and Central New York. It’s not even close to being over yet as well, as the weather will likely turn more severe.

According to the National Weather Service, there is now an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms for much of New York State today, especially Western and Central New York.

Heavy downpours, large hail and damaging winds will be the story but there is also the risk for isolated tornadoes in the enhanced severe weather zone.

The hail produced could be one inch in diameter, while wind gusts could be 58 mph.

As for the risk of an isolated tornado, Jordyn Jenna of WIVB says that risk will be late today and into tonight for Sunday.

Make sure you have weather alerts for your phone, especially if you plan to be outside or driving this afternoon and into the evening. These storms could come in fast and pack a punch.

Also, me mindful of leaving dogs and other pets outside in this weather. The threat of hail and even an isolated tornado will not make this the run-of-the-mill thunderstorm.

As for Monday, we could see lingering showers in the morning. The worst part of Sunday should be after 5 pm and through much of the night.

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