An Isolated TORNADO Is Possible On Thursday in WNY
An isolated TORNADO is possible on Thursday, according to Aaron Mentkowski! Listen, it is a POSSIBILITY, like always with the weather, not a guarantee. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened in Western New York. Recently, we've seen small tornado sightings during severe weather..…
Wyoming County
Remember the tornadoes and storms here in Western New York? Certainly this past summer's storms were not the caliber that we have seen in Texas. However, the damage that occurred after the rain and winds in our area will take considerable money for repairs.
Tornado Damage
It came in quickly today.  We don't see a lot of tornadoes in Western New York, but the Warning was in effect for much of Erie County.  The first warning came in at 12:36pm.
Tornado Watch Until 10pm
The severe weather that has created chaos across the midwest is headed our way.  According to the National Weather Service, there is a tornado watch in effect until 10pm for all of Western New York.

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