Wyoming County Disaster Declaration Sought
Remember the tornadoes and storms here in Western New York? Certainly this past summer's storms were not the caliber that we have seen in Texas. However, the damage that occurred after the rain and winds in our area will take considerable money for repairs.
Tornado Rainbow?
Mother Nature is powerful, unwavering, ruthless, beautiful and always surprising. The storms over the weekend were forceful in all aspects. Whether it be snow, flooding or the tornadoes they all hit with a force. In the state of Colorado they got quite the sight when a tornado touchdown and met up w…
For A Selfie!!
Ok...I've seen some crazy things in my life.  This may be one of the craziest.  Check this nut out as he gets up close to a tornado in the outback just to take a selfie with it.  Do you think it's real?
Inside the Tornado
I've never been in a tornado.  Heck, being from Western New York, I haven't even been around many.  My dad was from Oklahoma though and he used to tell me how scary they were when he was a kid.  Now I see why.  Check out this footage a guy got in Russia when he left his…

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