It's been a very hot and muggy past three days in Western New York.

It's been that way across the state and much of the midwest and southeast, as well. Wednesday saw highs in the mid-to-high 80's with some 90 degree readings. Thursday was slightly less warm but still very hot and muggy outside.

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The rest of Thursday will feature the chance for rain and thunderstorms, with a decent chance at severe thunderstorms; which could produce heavy rain, damaging winds and even large hail.

What's interesting is this morning and early afternoon featured plenty of sunshine, but the weather has turned cloudy and windy, especially after 3 pm.

Something we do not see very often in Western New York is the threat of tornadoes. Typically, they're more common in the midwest and even southeast portion of the country, but we have had them pop up before here in Western New York.

That could be this evening and tonight.

According to the National Weather Service, all of Western New York is under a "Tornado Watch" until 11 pm tonight. This includes much of New York State.

Hail of two inches in size are possible, as well as tornadoes this evening and into tonight.

Make sure that you have alerts for the weather and remember, thunderstorms severe in nature can take shape quickly. Just because it's fine one minute, does not mean it will stay that way.

Tomorrow looks much better for the weather, albeit a bit cooler. Stay safe out there.

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