There's only three weeks left before Labor Day Weekend, which means that we have the end of summer in our sights.

The weather has been a rather mixed bag here in New York. It's been hot and humid for much of it, but we have been dealing with some cooler temperatures over the past few days.

As for this weekend, there will be some sunshine but also a lot of rain. In fact, the thunderstorms that cross by parts of the state could be severe in nature.

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Passing thunderstorms today could produce damaging winds, heavy downpours and even "tennis ball size hail," according to the National Weather Service.

The NWS has issued a Tornado Watch for many parts of New York state, which includes the southern tier and Central New York.

Multiple tornadoes are possible for the areas in yellow, which are the Tornado Watch regions. It extends to Ohio an Pennsylvania as well, as it's not just New York who has to deal with these storms.

This watch will go until 9 am.

Stay alert and watch the forecast if you have any sort of outdoor plans. Thunderstorms that can produce damaging winds and even tornadoes can form quickly and without warning. It's suggested you look at doppler or keep up to date with the National Weather Service, since phone weather apps can routinely be inaccurate when it comes to the latest weather information.

Sunday should be a much more quiet day for the weather. We are expected to see plenty of sunshine on Monday and late next week -- just have to get by the rest of Saturday.

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