Here in Western New York, we love when Buffalo is at the center of attention. The Bills and Sabres (especially the Bills) are usually when Buffalo is on the top of the mind in national media circles, but there's something else taking place in Buffalo that will put us in the national spotlight.

If you remember back in August of 2017, there was a solar eclipse that captivated the nation. Millions of people tried to witness a piece of history.

Buffalo was not in what they call the "totality," meaning we did not have a full view of the eclipse in 2017. That will not be the case in 2024.

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Western New York will have a perfect view of the solar eclipse happening in 2024, which is exactly two years away this upcoming Thursday.

The view of the solar eclipse will be dead center through the City of Buffalo, which means Western New York will be one of the places you want to be at.

I can't wait for this. I'm very fascinated by anything involving space and our nearby solar system, and while this involves Earth itself, I've always wanted to witness a solar eclipse (safely, obviously).

During the 2017 solar eclipse, there were giant viewing parties and you can bet the same exact thing will happen in Buffalo for the 2024 version. In fact, I'm thinking it will be a holiday for many people in Western New York that day.

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