With the holiday season upon us, there is a new Monopoly game that your friends and family that live in Hamburg will love.

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The newest version of Monopoly features businesses and landmarks from the Town and Village of Hamburg.

I was recently in the Walmart on Southwestern Blvd, in Hamburg when I saw this latest edition of Monopoly and it looks pretty sweet. Instead of going around the board and buying up property like Broadwalk, B&O railroad, and Marvin Gardens, you now cruise around the board buying up places like Uncle Joe's Diner, Frontier Central High School, and Eighteen Mile Creek.

Also, the community and chance cards have been replaced with contingency cards. Plus if you are live me and my family who put $500 in the free parking square, you won't find that in this version. The Free parking has been swapped out for and "I Love Hamburg" square. Plus there are no worries about going to jail in this game, but if you have ever been to Hamburg, you will find the truth in the "Traffic Jam" square in this version of the game.

This version of Monopoly is still played like the original version where your goal is to control the most assets and drive your competitors into bankruptcy.

Even the tokens are different in this version of Monopoly featuring a High Five, Big Smile, Heart, Prezetrl, and a gym shoe. No top hat, thimble, or iron in this game.

This version on Hamburgopoly is the latest edition from the board game maker Late For The Sky company. They are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and feature tons of different towns in their own unique versions of Monopoly. From town to college, to hunting and gardening there is an "Opoly" game for everyone on your wish list.


Hamburg is featured in a new version of Monopoly.

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