If you travel the roads in the Southtwons around the Town of Orchard Park, you will soon notice that thigs are a little bit brighter than before.

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According to a report from Channel 2 News,

NYSEG working to change over 1,400 street lights that, when installed, will use 50% less engery.

You may have seen some of these types of lights being installed around Western new York already. The Skyway along Route 5 has definitely gotten brighter with the new LED style lighting. It certainly is a big difference from the old style amber/orange lighting that we have all seen for years.

When we were kids, we were allowed to stay out and play until the street lights came on. I remember them not being that bright as we were riding our bikes back to the house.  The light near our house was always blown out or blinking like a strobe light and the bees seemed to love to use the light pole to make their nest on.

In the report from Channel 2, drivers are reminded that there may be some minor delays as a result of the work being done to install the new light systems along the sides of the roads.

NYSEG advises drivers that minor and temporary traffic delays might take place in areas where the conversion work is currently taking place and ask them to use caution when approaching and driving through a work zone.

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