You've seen the pedal tours in Buffalo before, especially during the weekends. It's a great way to explore the city and get in some exercise as well!

But if you're the kind that wants to sit back and relax, in a tractor, now there's something for you.

Buffalo Tractor Tours are available in Buffalo and according to WIVB, they will take you anywhere in the city.

“It’s just a great way to spend time with family and friends. We’ve had co-worker events and they love it,” said owner Mike Bartolotta.

“A lot of people want to go to the Labatt Brew House, 716 or Gene McCarthy’s to get their food but we’ll go anywhere in the city,” Bartolotta said.

Bartolotta and his co-owner Craig Schultz also own Buffalo Tiki Tours.

What's awesome about this tractor tour though, is it fits 20 people, covered by a canvas roof and has disco lights!

Bartolotta says there's an "eight speaker stereo system with Bluetooth."

The owners got the idea when they saw a similar tour ride in Nashville, Tennessee because of course, right? It's a tractor!

The business started last year but took off this summer. The owners say they're booked with the weekends through September.

For more information and to book a tour, visit their website.


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