Two generations of country music came together recently when Real Country stars Jake Owen and Travis Tritt collaborated in a dressing room singalong of Waylon Jennings' "Brand New Goodbye Song."

The collaboration was shared on Owen's Twitter page, and later retweeted by Tritt. "Just a little Waylon Jennings jam session with a legend himself Travis Tritt," Owen says.

Shortly after the video was shared, Tritt seemed to come to the defense of his fellow Real Country judge, writing in a tweet of his own:

"Regardless of what anyone might think of my buddy, Jake Owen, please know this ... I've never met a young man who has a better understanding or knowledge of what traditional and roots country music is than he does. Many of his influences are so similar to mine."

It's not clear what may have sent Tritt into defense mode, but Owen was appreciative.

"Damn, thanks Travis,” Owen responded. "I do have such admiration and respect for the classics."

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The two will appear together on the new USA Network show, which will also star Shania Twain. Set to premiere this fall but currently being taped in Nashville, the eight-part show will focus on finding a brand new generation of artists, with the show concluding in a finale that will determine country music’s next breakout act.

“I feel it’s time for me to add my own support in finding our greatest undiscovered talent,” Twain says in a recent press release. “It’s beyond thrilling to be leading the charge with Real Country, and I’m on a mission to find artists who will keep country music diverse and dynamic. The kind of diversity that inspired all of us."

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