Back on September 15th, a report came out that Governor Andrew Cuomo would not ban trick-or-treating in New York State.

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The assumption is that trick-or-treating would still go on in Western New York, but that may not be the case.

According to Spectrum News Buffalo, Mayor Byron Brown said that a decision has not yet been made regarding trick-or-treating happening in Buffalo.

It's unclear whether that a decision for Buffalo would also be for the rest of Erie County.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised against trick-or-treating, indoor Halloween parties and haunted houses this fall, because of COVID-19 risks.

The State Department of Health continues to monitor the situation as schools reopened.

Personally, I've heard from both sides of the argument. Those who are fine letting their children trick-or-treat this Halloween, while others are at best skeptical about it.

We will see if a final decision to allow trick-or-treating in Buffalo will be made soon.

What's your thoughts? Are you okay allowing trick-or-treating this year in Buffalo and Western New York in general?

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