After years of wanting a .22 target pistol, I recently purchased a Ruger MK III hunter autoloader. I had been looking at several different brands of .22 handguns, but always kept coming back to the Ruger MK III. Ruger has always been a favorite gun manufacturer of mine. I bought my first Ruger pistol in 1988 when the company came out with the P-85 9mm semi-auto pistol. That gun has served me well over the years as my carry gun.

Yesterday morning after coming back to the house after a morning hunt, I decided it was time to try the new Ruger MK III. Many .22 autoloading pistols can be very fussy about the types of ammo they like. I had read on the Internet that the Ruger MK III was very favorable to Federal ammunition, so I brought down a box of Federal 36 grain hollow point .22's. The gun performed flawlessly with that ammo. I had no failures to fire or failures to eject. This is one smooth pistol.  The cocobolo wood grips felt very comfortable in my hands. Out of the box accuracy was very impressive. I was hitting targets with ease at 60 to 70 yards. I think the long 6 and 7/8 inch barrel helps out in this department. It helps to make the gun a little bit better than I am. I only had a chance to put 100 rounds through it as we were pressed for time, but I found the Ruger MK III to be very enjoyable to shoot and a lot of fun. I can't wait to have my wife and kids do some target shooting with this gun. This baby is definetly a "keeper".