Not being able to get a good night's sleep can really set your whole week off! Not only is the tossing and turning and running through everything you've ever done in your life but you feel like a zombie during the day. If you're having trouble scientist say there is something you can do that will help relax you and put you into a slumber...reading.

A study from the University of Sussex in the U.K. found that reading a book or story before bed can lower stress levels by as much as 68%, which is more than other calming aids like hot tea, walking or listening to music. However, just because you're trying to fall asleep doesn't mean you should pick a book that bores you! Experts say it should be captivating and enjoyable so you're mind doesn't wander away from the book and start thinking about that time you called your teacher mom in fourth grade. They say that just 6 minutes of reading will help you relax enough to fall asleep! Just 6 minutes!!!

The one thing most are doing that they probably shouldn't? Watching TV in and before bed, this has been shown as the biggest impediment of sleep by studies. While it's fun to binge before bed the noise and changing colors bouncing around the room probably don't provide the most relaxing environment for slumber.

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