As we get ready for the end of summer and the beginning of fall there are so many people excited about the upcoming football season around Western New York. Truthfully, football season never really ends here in the Buffalo area because people talk about Buffalo Bills football all year round. But as we get close to kick off there are some NFL teams who will be requiring their fans to have proof of a vaccine against COVID-19 before entering an attending home games.

It was announced this week that the Las Vegas Raiders will require fans to have proof of vaccination on their mobile app to attend the games in person this season. Fans with proof will also be able to attend the game without wearing a mask!

The Las Vegas Raiders will require all attendees at home games to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination through CLEAR's free mobile app and Health Pass feature, allowing fans to attend games without wearing a mask. The policy will take effect for the first regular season home game, September 13 against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. The Raiders are the first team in the National Football League to announce a vaccine/no mask policy.

This is the first NFL team to come up with a vaccination policy according to reports.

There has been so much discussion surrounding the Buffalo Bills And Highmark Stadium and what will be required of fans attending this season. There is a lot of back-and-forth as to whether or not the Erie County Executive can make the call or if it is something on the team or the officials in New York State. But one has to imagine that as more and more teams around the NFL do require fans to be vaccinated, the Buffalo Bills can’t be far behind with their policy as well.

It was reported earlier this week that the University at Buffalo will require its students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 if they intend to be a part of in person classroom learning this fall. It is just another addition to the COVID vaccination policies as the Governor announced that all healthcare workers must also be vaccinated against COVID-19 in New York State.

While we wait for the official beginning of the NFL season and wade through the preseason, anyone with a ticket for a home game to see the Buffalo Bills take on the Pittsburgh Steelers will be waiting to see what the move will be or the policy will be as we get ready to enter Highmark Stadium for what will be one of the most exciting seasons for the Buffalo Bills fans in recent memory.

In the meantime, we can all stick to certain things that we learn from the pandemic like hand washing, social distancing, and adhering to mask policies at various businesses. Let’s go Bills! Can't wait to see you at Highmark Stadium as fall!

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