There is a new study out that highlights how many people are moving out of New York State.  However, it looks as though millennials are still moving in.

There's no question that people are moving out of New York State faster than they are moving in.  According to the NY Post, New Jersey was the state where people were moving from fastest, followed closely by New York.

However, if you're worried your kids are going to move away, don't lose hope.  According to a study done by Lending Tree that analyzed 2018 mortgage requests in America's 50 largest metropolitan areas, all hope isn't lost.  Not only are millennials buying homes in New York State, but two of the cities in the top ten are also right here in Western New York.

Both Buffalo and Rochester made the list at #4 and #9 respectively.

Buffalo was only behind Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh.  There's no question that affordability is one of the key factors in choosing a home in a smaller market and Buffalo seems (at least for now) to fit that bill.

Researchers said Millennials are increasingly entering the housing market as they are getting older, and they are looking to buy in smaller markets away from the more expensive major cities like Los Angeles and New York. - Daily Mail

Finishing out the list as some of the least popular cities for millennials to buy homes were Tampa, Vegas, and Miami.


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