It's not every year that Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means that October 30th (traditionally known as "begger's night") falls on a Saturday. While begger's night has seen some trick-or-treaters in past years, it's not a night that mass trick-or-treating takes place. But, that will be the case with two Western New York towns.

Both the Town of Evans and Village of Angola have officially moved trick-or-treating from October 31st (Halloween), to tonight, per WKBW.

The reason for the move was the fact there is a Bills game on Sunday.

“It made sense with the Bills' game being on Sunday, more of a public safety issue,” Mayor of Angola Thomas Whelan said.

The Village of Orchard Park decided to move back trick-or-treating by one hour, also because of the Bills traffic that will be taking place.

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Back when I was a kid, Halloween was pretty crazy -- we're talking '90s, at least in the neighborhood I grew up in. I'm not joking when I say that there were literally hundreds of kids trick-or-treating, sometimes going until 8-9 pm.

The neighborhood I live in now in South Buffalo sees trick-or-treaters, but not a crazy number of kids. The same could be said for the Hamburg neighborhood I lived in for a few years.

For the longest time, it seems we have had a push to move trick-or-treating to the final Saturday of October, and while that makes sense, Saturday evening traffic can also be busier than a weeknight, when many people stay home after getting back home from work.

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