The Buffalo Bills are looking ahead to this Sunday's game in London, where the Bills will be the designated home team against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kickoff from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is 9:30 am locally here in Buffalo.

While Bills players are looking ahead to the Jaguars game, Bills fans are still looking back on the blowout win over the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium this past Sunday. The Bills won 48-20 in a game that proved they were still the team to beat in the AFC East.

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In the days leading up to the game, Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill called Bills fans just another fanbase and that Sunday's environment would be just like any other game.

Many Bills fans were upset at the downplay of their rowdiness, which of course made Bills fans yell and scream even harder than they normally do.

On Wednesday, Hill admitted that he was impressed by Buffalo.

"It was so loud, I could barely hear Tua the first play of the game. That caused a lot of miscommunication on the offensive side of the ball," said Hill.

Hill added that he couldn't even tell when the ball was snapped, meaning he lost the play count, which was due to how loud Highmark Stadium was.

Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips took the reel on Instagram and reposted it to his account.

There's no doubt the Dolphins had major problems on offense after their first two drives. They had multiple three and outs and the crowd at Highmark Stadium was a major reason why.

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