The Buffalo Bills are in their offseason now, even though Bills Mafia is sad they couldn't have had a game this Sunday, which just so happens top be Super Bowl 56.

The Bills fell short of the AFC Championship Game, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs, 42-36 in overtime. All Bills fans know what took place at the end of the game, so we won't get into that, but it's clear they have to make necessary tweaks to the roster.

First thing's first though, and that's making sure they re-sign the players they want back. That includes unrestricted and exclusive rights free agents, and Buffalo has a lot of them to re-sign this winter and spring.

One of those excusive rights free agents has announced on his Twitter account that he's re-signed with the Bills.

Linebacker Tyrel Dodson has tweeted out that he will be back with the team next season.

Dodson was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2019, and has proven to be a valuable backup linebacker and special teams player for Buffalo. Dodson is athletic enough to help in pass coverage and his speed helps on special teams.

He was an exclusive rights free agent, which means thee Bills had the right to tender him a one-year contract before he was able to negotiate with another team. As opposed to an unrestricted free agent, who is free to sign with any team once the free agency period opens.

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It's even more important that Dodson is back, since linebacker A.J. Klein could be a candidate for cap casualties. Klein, Star Lotulelei and Cole Beasley are all prime candidates to be released for cap purposes, based on their salary and age.

Dodson might not seem like a huge name, but he's proven to be a valuable piece, and someone that general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott found as a diamond in the rough in 2019.

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