This is one of the greatest live feeds of the year. Watching these falcons on their nest is memorizing and they have laid eggs!

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Now that spring is here, this pair of falcons on a building at The University at Buffalo are staying close to their nest. Mid-March is the time when falcons lay as many as three eggs and wait for them to hatch!

They have set up a camera that is live 24 hours a day, but I found that it is really fun to watch in the morning or just before sunset as the falcons seem to be pretty active and almost putting on a show for the camera.


We have an incredible vantage point from here at our building in downtown Buffalo that allows us to watch a variety of birds in flight! Here on the 12th floor of the Rand Building, I have seen a bunch of falcons flying around over the last couple of weeks. There has typically been a nest on the Statler Towers and, in the past, there was also a falcon camera there as well. But I found this camera at UB to have an incredible view of the action. There are actually three different cameras that offer a glimpse into what the falcons do throughout the day as we wait for their eggs to hatch!

Our oldest son, Hank (5), loves books about birds of prey. We have been reading about owls and hawks and eagles and this video has been gold for us to help reinforce what we are learning about falcons!

Check out some of the pictures of the Falcons making themselves at home.

WATCH: UB Falcon Cam

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