Tuesday Night I decided to become part of #Operation6000 at UB's Alumni Arena for the men's basketball game against Toledo.  It's my alma mater and I was super pumped to take the kids back to my old college to watch the guys battle it out on the court.  I couldn't be happier that I did.

The Bulls were 8-0 at home heading into tuesday night's game.  It wasn't looking great though as the guys were staring uphill trailing by 13 at one point.  Suddenly though, they turned it around with a couple takeaways and a huge dunk by Justin Moss.

The video doesn't even do that dunk justice.  It was a huge dunk at a big moment.  The place went crazy.  That put the Bulls up before the half but unfortunately they couldn't hold the lead.  They lost the game in the end but I'm still super glad I went.  My kids LOVED it!

The fast pace and constant scoring kept them on the edge of their seats the entire game.  Even during timeouts they were entertained with contests like the half court shot, the shot series competition, and the book carry where the students have to carry a book on their head across the court.

I cannot recommend that you head out to a game enough.  Give it a try!  Support one of our local universities and add to the excitement.  You won't regret it.

To find out when the Bulls will be playing next, click here.  Plus you can follow them on Twitter @UBMensHoops and @UBAthletics and on facebook at Buffalo Bulls Athletics.

UB Men's Basketball Highlight - 2/12/15 from Buffalo Bulls on Vimeo.

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