The number of great places for breakfast in Western New York is ridiculous. All kinds of breakfast variety too.

You have the sit-down diners, national chains and the new breakfast spots with crazy and unique creations. Many breweries even have brunch, serving up awesome breakfast in Buffalo.

The number one breakfast food has to be the classic breakfast sandwich.

What should go on a great breakfast sandwich?

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For one, you need quality bread. Whether it's a Kaiser/brioche bun, bagel, English muffin, biscuit or croissant, that's the thing that needs to be on-point the most.

After that, the perfectly cooked egg, bacon, sausage and whatever else may be going in the sandwich. A wide array of cheeses also helps, instead of just standard American cheese. There is a huge difference between a basic breakfast sandwich and an elite one.

The most underrated breakfast sandwich is in the heart of Buffalo They never get enough credit.

Public Espresso has two locations. One is in downtown Buffalo on Washington Street, the other on Seneca Street in South Buffalo.

They're famous with 9-5 workers, who utilize the locations for breakfast and lunch. Donuts and coffee creations are popular but so are the breakfast sandwiches and they just may be the best in Western New York.

It's crazy how fresh and tasty they are. The go-to is either the bagel, English muffin or brioche bun with egg, cheese, bacon and maybe some veggies on there too. It's excellent.

Other places like Braymiller and Woodlawn Deli also serve up elite breakfast sandwiches. Public Espresso shouldn't be slept on though.

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