What's the number one food in Buffalo and Western New York? It's without a doubt chicken wings.

Wings, beef on weck, sponge candy and stuff like that is what we're known for. Western New York is also a great place for an outstanding fish fry, especially around lent, and so is bar food.

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Buffalo is an amazing bar food town. You don't know the region for high-class dining but for simple dishes, absolutely.

Burgers are a staple of any bar or restaurant. Outside of pizza or chicken fingers, it's probably the most popular menu item for Americans. No surprise, there are plenty of other great places to get a great burger in Buffalo.

Sadly, there are restaurants who have criminally underrated burgers in Western New York. Burgers may seem like a simple item but some go above and beyond to create a burger that is not only cooked perfectly, but comes with a great seasoning, bun and awesome varieties.

Allen Burger Venture, Juicy Burger Bar and Rock Burger are three places who have grown in popularity in recent years in Western New York but there are more spots that are hidden gems for burgers in Buffalo.

Here are five underrated places for burgers in Western New York.

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