It's never a bad time for pizza in Western New York. Okay, it's never a bad time for pizza anywhere but for here in Buffalo, pizza is more precious than most other regions; other than New York City, Chicago, Detroit, etc.

Buffalo-style pizza is phenomenal and many non-Buffalo residents don't even know it exists.

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Buffalo pizza is generally a slightly thicker crust than New York style. The cup-and-char pepperoni is another staple of Buffalo pizza, as is the extra cheese and sweeter sauce, which can be the most polarizing part of Buffalo pizza for those who are not from Western New York.

It's most definitely not a pizza style that will be confused for healthy.

We know about the classics that Buffalonians love: Bocce Club, Imperial, Picasso's, La Nova, etc.

The cool part about Buffalo is there are local pizzerias everywhere, and most of them at at least good. Many are very good or flat-out great. One of those great pizzerias is perhaps the most underrated pizza place in Western New York.

It's called One Pie Pizza Co. and is located on Clinton Street in the City of Buffalo, close to West Seneca.

They have caught on in popularity but feels like not many talk about them yet, which should change. I've had the pizza twice now and it's been excellent; and stereotypical Buffalo pizza. It's Buffalo pizza that is perfection in what makes Buffalo pizza different: the crust, cheese, pepperoni and sweet sauce.

There are more pizzerias in Buffalo per capita than New York City, which is hard to believe. That's how pizza crazy this region is and it's because of the local pizzerias.

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