It is not uncommon for Western New Yorkers to spend time in church and in a bar having a cold one, what is unusual is doing both of those at once.

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Just like their food, which combines the best of Polish and Italian, Morluski's in Clarence is combing two of the best things in Western New York. They moved to a move location in Clarence hollow and their new location for their bar/restaurant is inside an old church. old church located at 10678 Main Street where they have filled the place up with pink flamingos, another Buffalo staple.

Morluski's story is just unique as their food and their location. They are named after owner Jeannine's Father-in-law who was an Italian immigrant trying to work in the mostly polish section of Buffalo Kaisertown.

Domenico, first arrived in Kaisertown with his best buddy who was Polish, and began handing out his "Morlacci Construction" business cards, the Polish community members were confused. They couldn’t pronounce his last name. Perhaps he wasn't Polish?

"Ah," he’d explain, "An unfortunate mistake — the card should read Morluski," he'd say with a wink. And eventually, they welcomed him as their own. Though Domenico would always come clean in the end and shared veggies from his family garden, "Morlacci Construction" served as a good tool to help his neighbors become customers and friends.

So to honor her father-in-law's Italian heritage and her own Polish one, Jeannine opened up Morluski's which offers authentic Italian and polish food six days a week. They are closed on Sundays, which is ironic since they are inside an old church in Clarence.

Also because of their location, Morluski's has space for events like weddings and birthday parties.

Western New York is full of amazing unique places restaurants but how many are located in a pink flamingo-filled church?

Check out Morluski's full menu HERE.

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