One of the most popular New Years' resolutions is to quit smoking. Those who smoke have heard and read the warnings and have been pressured by friends and some are ready to tackle the addiction and live a smoke free life in 2024.

Smoking is a tough addiction to overcome. If you have been smoking for the better part of your life, you know may have tried all the tricks and replacements like gum or candy. Those with a strong will may even try to go cold turkey and quit all together at once. Few are able to actually stay away from cigarettes as it can be a big challenge.

However, for those who like to light up and smoke may not have a choice any longer. There are already tons of rules and restrictions about where and when you can smoke in New York State. New York State taxes make cigarettes very expensive. But there may be a day when a ban on smoking may become a law. For those who choose to smoke menthol cigarettes, that day is being pushed back in the federal government.

New York State is already adding to the list of locations you can no longer smoke and some places that soon will be. These include various parks in the state.

As a former smoker, there are days when I sure could used a smoke. I gave up smoking for running and replaced an unhealthy addiction with healthier one. Plus, I have four kids and need to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible for them. I wish you all the best of luck if you are trying to quit.

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