The UB Bulls are back at the big dance this year.  But how would they do if their fate stood with their mascot?  USA Today took a shot at ranking all 68 teams.

What makes a mascot awesome?  Is it that it's unique?  Does it have to be fierce?  Does it have to scare the opponent?

We know that there is more to a team than the mascot.  That's lucky according to a new list from USA Today that ranks all 68 teams in the NCAA tournament.

It was done just for fun...or to help you fill out your bracket and provide an option for you if you get stuck on a certain matchup.  If you think they're close, go to this list.  The higher they are on the list, the better the chance they'll win?

They admit it's not a very scientific list.  This was their explanation of how they ranked the teams:

"Some kind of magical combination of uniqueness, creativity, threat level and how much we like the costumed or live mascots. In other words, it’s very scientific.

So we won't get too offended that Buffalo came in at the bottom half of the list.

44. Buffalo Bulls

I literally just typed “Buffalo Bills” and corrected it, proving that they just need to lean into it and change their name to fit in with their NFL counterparts.


Personally, I'm a fan of Victor E. Bull.  So we will have to just see what happens on the court.

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