If you're looking for a fun craft to do with your kids, but everything you try winds up being a #PinterestFail? No problem! I have a great craft that's doable for even the least crafty person (or semi-coordinated 3-year old).

For this, you'll need:

  • Craft sticks (or buy some popsicles, eat them, and save the sticks!)
  • Wood glue
  • Hot-glue gun (optional)
  • White yarn (silvery, sparkly yarn would look awesome too. Choose what you like. You be you, you creative, crafty devil)
  • Fake spider (Spider rings work especially well for this)

The first thing you want to do is glue your craft sticks together ahead of time. It's been every parents' experience that while patience is a virtue, it's one that eludes most kids. Plus, what fun is it watching glue dry?

Glue three sticks together in a snowflake shape (wood glue is better than white glue, it'll hold much better, especially if your spiderweb weavers are a little heavy-handed with the yarn).

The glued-up craft sticks and yarn pieces you'll need for making your web.
The glued-up craft sticks and yarn pieces you'll need for making your web.

Cut approximately an arm's-length and a half of yarn. Either tie a little knot around the center of the web to secure the one end of the yarn. You can also put a little dab of glue with your hot-glue gun to secure the end as well.

Then start weaving, from the center towards the outside. As you weave the yarn from stick to stick, wind the yarn around the stick before moving on to the next one. This will prevent the yarn from sliding down toward the center of your "snowflake" sticks.

Once you've gotten to the edge of the sticks, you can either tie the loose end around the stick closest to it, or do a dab of hot-glue to make it stick. Then, you can either trim the excess yarn completely off, or leave some hanging -- then you can place your spider at the end of it to give it that real "Charlotte's Web" look. You can also leave the bit of string as a way to hang your finished web up.

I suggest using spider rings (the kind you can get a big bag of in the party favors section). You can use the ring part of the spider to attach it to the web, or tie it from the string of yarn you left dangling.

And , BOOM, you're done! I've done this craft with large groups of kids, and it's fun for even small children to do with some help, and little to no mess!

The finished spiderweb craft!
The finished spiderweb craft!

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