You may have seen it yesterday! The Blue Angels were in town getting ready for their big air show on Father's Day Weekend, and they had a special guest go up in the air with them on Wednesday afternoon!

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott went up in the plane yesterday, a F-18 super hornet to be exact, and they put a GoPro in front of him to catch all of the action. Do you think Coach was scared going up there? After all, those planes nearly go the speed of sound. You can see Coach McDermott doing the 'nervous chatter' thing where he starts making small talk. Afterward, he talked to the media and did say that the intensity of the experience was unlike anything he has ever done.

Now, if you want to go see the “Thunder on the Buffalo Waterfront” and the Blue Angels, unfortunately, the tickets are completely sold out so, the only two ways to score tickets are to buy them on the secondary market, such as StubHub, or you can go on a boat in the water for FREE.

You can get into the water with your boat and head toward the airshow. You will see orange buoys in the water that you have to stay out of. You will see those by the Outer Harborbreakwall between the lighthouse and Safe Harbor Marina.

The airshow will happen this upcoming weekend on both Saturday and Sunday with shows from noon to 4 PM.

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