The surge in COVID-19 cases has caused many new restrictions around Erie County and New York State. To be ahead of the new curve, Catholic Health Systems has announced that they will be temporarily halting visitations.

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According to the report, as of Thursday (11/12), visitation at Catholic Health Hospitals will be stopped. Exceptions will be made for people who need to help with end-of-life decisions and birth partners of maternity patients.

It has to be hard for anyone who has a loved one as a patient in any hospital these days. I think any doctor will tell you that having family around makes recovery better and in many cases it helps the patient heal.

We welcomed out third baby boy, Gus, in to the world in February. Mom and I were saying how fortunate we were to be out of the hospital just prior to the COVID outbreak. Having a baby these days has to be stressful for any parent. Not only are there limited visitations at hospitals, but we went nearly 6 months before our son was able to be held by his grandmother and family.

Is there hope on the horizon? Depends on what story you read or believe I guess. It seems that the vaccines that are being worked on are still be figured our for safety and efficacy. But while we wait, patience is going to have to be our new best friend.

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