One of the biggest off-season questions for the Buffalo Bills was whether or not defensive end Von Miller would be ready to go.  It looks like he will.

There has been a lot of talk in the offseason about Stefon Diggs and how he missed a mandatory workout.  They've talked about Sean McDermott and Josh Allen, but one of the biggest pieces on this team has taken a bit of a backseat to all of that.

Von Miller

Von Miller is a huge piece of this team

Von Miller was a huge acquisition for the Buffalo Bills last year.  It was a huge surprise when he went on Instagram to tell the world that he was coming to Buffalo to join the Bills.

And he was effective.  Teams had to plan for Miller.  How would you keep him from destroying your quarterback?  And if you have to put multiple people on Miller, who is going to block people like Daquan Jones, Ed Oliver, and Greg Rousseau?

When Von got hurt, people wondered if he would come back the same

In week 12, the Buffalo Bills had to take on the Detroit Lions in Detroit.  It was Thanksgiving.  The Bills ended up playing a tight game against an up-and-coming Lions team.  A game that the Bills were able to win on a last-second Tyler Bass field goal.

But before halftime, the Bills suffered a huge loss when Miller left the field with a knee injury.  It was something that many thought might be easily repaired.  Miller would be back and it wouldn't set them back too much.

Sadly, the exploratory surgery found that the injury was much more serious than what they had originally thought.

It turned out that he had actually torn his ACL and would be out for the rest of the season.

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Miller used his injury as a positive

While many would be incredibly depressed about such a serious injury, Miller used it as a motivational tool.  While laying in his hospital bed, he left this message for his teammates:

"I'm excited for the opportunity to show my teammates how tough I am, how hard I work, and how important this means to me, Don't blink baby!"

Miller looks ready to come back

Some estimate that it will be a couple weeks before Miller is able to actually get back on the field even after the new season starts.  But he has said for weeks that he will be ready to go.

He recently shared photos on Instagram of his recovery and while you can't tell how much he's recovered from that knee injury, you can tell that he's been putting in the work.

Von Miller looks like he is ready to play TODAY!

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