It's no secret the all-pro defensive specialist is a fan of the all-pro quarterback, and this shirt shows you just how much.

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One of the great things about the Buffalo Bills is how they seemingly are a family. They are always shown joking around at practice and getting along. While you certainly could say that's just for the camera, one could also argue everything they show us does feel genuine. That's yet another reason why Buffalo loves this team so much, and maybe more than any other team in its history.

That and they win, a whole lot.

The Campaign for MVP

Becoming the MVP of any pro sport, let alone the NFL, isn't achieved by being just a great player. Like many things, it's also a bit of a popularity contest. Yes, you have to have results on the field, but you also need the backing of others to achieve it. So it becomes a bit of a political campaign to get there.

Josh Allen easily could have been the MVP the last 2 years but lost out to Aaron Rodgers. While Rodger certainly deserves it, as he is a hall of fame player, Allen would need to step up the politics this season if he was going to overcome people like Rodgers, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and others.

So, the campaigning began early with a nationally televised golf game against those above mention QBs, plenty of media tours, and all of that paired with his incredible playoff performance. He is not the odds-on favorite to win MVP. However, the campaign doesn't stop there. It continues all season.

Von Miller's T-Shirt

Von Miller is a huge name and influencer in the NFL and many were surprised when he came to thew Bills this offseason. He fit right in, and immediately embraced Buffalo and the team, as well as Josh Allen. He has been campaigning for Allen to be the MVP from the get-go, and the shirt he wore on the NFL Network's Good Morning Football further shows his dedication:

That is the ultimate fan girl/fan boy collage right there. Let's all be honest: we'd buy it!

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