School is back in session for most kids in Western New York next week and one of the most favorite periods is lunch.

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Lunch at school is usually a hit or miss depending on what the lunch staff is making. Taco Tuesdays were always a big hit at West Seneca East when I was a student there in the mid-'90s. Square pizza was also a solid choice. One of my personal favorites was the Turkey Slop that was served around Thanksgiving. It was like the early version of the KFC Famous Bowl. Everything all mixed in together.

We wanted to have some fun before the school bell rings and wanted to find out that is Western New York's favorite school lunch. We took the top 8 lunches, some of which are made at the school, made at home, or bought at the store.

So it doesn't matter if you bought school lunches, brown-bagged it, or were lucky enough to head off campus for lunch, at least one of your favorites made our list.

You can vote in each of our school brackets for your favorite and then we will get to a final four and let you vote for your favorite school lunch.

After a week of voting, we now have our Final Four.


The best part is that you can share this poll with all your family and friends and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Hopefully, some school cafeteria staff will take notice put the winning lunch on the menu more often than not.

Check out our elite 8.

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