New York is a state that seemingly has everything. Certainly, with the food options.

From Buffalo to New York City, the state has a wide range of local and national chain restaurants that highlight all kinds of cultures and give an identity to each and every region and city.

For Buffalo, it's chicken wings and beef on weck. New York City has a large Asian and Italian heritage that shows in the many local restaurants.

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But believe it or not, New York doesn't have everything when it comes to fast food establishments.

New York state still does not have a Raising Cane's Cook Out, Hardee's or Waffle House.

Waffle House has roughly 2,000 locations, with a vast majority of them in the southeast and Midwest. They do have locations in Ohio and a handful in Pennsylvania, but none in New York. Why is that?

One of the biggest reasons is the fact New York is so far north and Waffle House was founded in Georgia. However, New York also has more taxes than most states, with an extremely high cost of living in New York City.

Those might be legitimate reasons that Waffle House has not yet come to New York state, which was mentioned in a Reddit thread; factoring in the fact Waffle House is popular in large part because of it's low prices (and all-day breakfast).

The low prices, along with a high-taxed state, could be why we have yet to see a Waffle House in New York; especially the New York City area.

There's no doubt that Waffle House would do very well for heavy traffic in New York, but are the state taxes why they have not brought one here yet?

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