For Buffalo families on a budget, Walmart is often a go-to option to save money on groceries and other household essentials. 

Regular Walmart shoppers should be aware that a popular product sold there is being recalled for a potential health hazard.

Why should Walmart shoppers in Western New York be especially concerned?

When the weather gets warmer, this product gets snatched off shelves quickly. But, more importantly, the recalled products were distributed specifically to several stores in the Western New York area.

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Walmart Frozen Strawberries Recall

Willamette Valley Fruit Company has issued a voluntary recall of several bags of frozen fruit sold at Walmart stores around the Buffalo area, specifically frozen strawberries labeled under their Great Value brand. 

The company warns that consuming these strawberries increases the risk of contracting Hepatitis A.

What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection that’s contracted via contaminated food or water or close contact with someone carrying the disease. 

If infected with Hepatitis A, a person could experience a symptoms ranging from mild to serious, including:

  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)
  • Fever
  • Dark urine
  • Jaundice

In the most serious cases, Hepatitis A can cause eventual liver failure and cirrhosis.

Recalled Frozen Strawberries Distributed to Several Western New York Walmart Stores

Willamette Valley Fruit Co. acknowledged Walmart sold the recalled strawberries in 10 stores throughout New York State between January 24, 2023 and June 8, 2023. Most of the affected store locations are in the Buffalo and Western New York region.

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Which Walmart Stores In Western New York Sold The Recalled Strawberries?

Here are the stores across Buffalo and New York State affected by the recall:

  • 3290 Sheridan Drive, Amherst 
  • 500 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga
  • 10401 Bennett Rd., Fredonia
  • 4235 Veteran Drive, Geneseo
  • 5360 Southwestern Blvd., Hamburg 
  • 350 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood
  • Transit Rd., Lancaster
  • 1540 Military Rd., Niagara Falls
  • 886 Niagara Falls Blvd., North Tonawanda
  • 1869 Plaza Dr., Olean
  • 317 S. Cascade Drive, Springville

Which Bags Of Great Value Frozen Strawberries Are Being Recalled?

If you bought any of the following bags of Great Value frozen fruit and still have them in your freezer, don’t risk eating them. Instead, toss them out or return them to Walmart for a full refund. 

They are:

Great Value Sliced Strawberries; 64 oz.

Great Value Sliced Strawberries

Lot #: 4018305 

Best by: 7/19/2024

Lot #: 4019305 

Best by: 7/20/2024

Great Value Mixed Fruit; 64oz.

Great Value Mixed Fruit

Lot #: 4024205 

Best by: 7/25/2024

Lot #: 4025305 

Best by: 7/26/2024

Lot #: 4032305

Best by: 8/2/2024

Lot #: 4033305

Best by: 8/3/2024

Lot #: 4034305 

Best by:  8/4/2024

Lot #: 4035305

Best by: 8/5/2024

Great Value Antioxidant Fruit Blend;40 oz.

Great Value Antioxidant Fruit Blend

Lot #: 4032305 

Best by: 8/2/2024

You can learn more about the Great Value frozen strawberry recall here

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