If you're hoping to make this one of the best father's days ever for your dad, I have this suggestion for you...don't do this one thing for him.  He'd rather do it himself.

We all like to celebrate holidays in our own ways.  Some people like to be left alone, others like to be surrounded by family and friends.  Some people like to be pampered, others would prefer to just do things ourselves.

People used to think I was crazy when I used to insist on manning the grill on Father's Day.  So I had to share when I saw this study from Ace Hardware that agreed that dads would prefer that you don't try to take the tongs from him.  He wants to do it on his own!

It's not work.  For guys, it is an art.  There's a lot that goes into it before anything actually hits that sizzling surface.  When done right, that meat (or veggies if you're into that kind of thing) has been marinated, injected, rubbed, or seasoned to perfection.  Are you going with the charcoal or propane grill?  To be the person that gets to listen to that sweet sound of sizzling and smell the aroma is an honor.

Now, there are a couple of dads who don't enjoy it...but it really is just a couple.  Of the people they surveyed, 74 percent of them said they would prefer to do it themselves as opposed to having someone else do it for them.

So this year, if you want to make dad happy for father's day, just ask him if he wants to do the grilling or if he would prefer that you do it for him.  Even insist to let him do it if you think he's bluffing.  But whatever you do, don't assume he wants things grilled for you.

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