There have been a lot of cars stolen in the past couple of weeks. Local police agencies have mentioned that gang members from the Buffalo projects have been coming to the suburbs, specifically Clarence, Lancaster, and Alden to attempt to steal cars that have been apparently, been used in drive-by shootings. Some stolen cars have been recovered with bullet holes and blood inside.

One family over in the Village of Lancaster had their car stolen and was found the following day in the City of Buffalo with illegal guns inside.

Other neighbors reported that their cars have been broken into and valuable items have been taken.

It is important to note though, that many of the cars stolen had the car keys left inside. It is always important to lock your car doors, but it is especially important this time of the year while most people have valuable items from Christmas shopping inside the vehicles.

Not only can these criminals get inside your car, to steal for gang-related violence, but what's an even more unsettling realization is that these criminals can hit your garage door opener if you leave that in the car as well. A while back there was a flow chart that one local police agency once made and it was all about locking your car doors at night. It went a little something like this:

It would be smart to keep cameras on the outside of your house. Some of the folks that have had their cars stolen and/or were fortunate to have video footage to show police. So, getting a security system, especially this time of the year, would not be a bad idea!

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