There is a new scam that is affecting property owners in portions of New York State. Officials say that you need to be aware that not everyone who wants to buy your house or property is legit.

The housing market is rather interesting these days. While some potential buyers are struggling with higher interest rates for the mortgage that they are applying for, some sellers are saying that they are getting as much as $50,000 over the asking price at the closing.

One thing remains constant here in New York State and across the country; cash is king! There are few people who would or can pass up a cash offer that is presented to them for their house. For some home owners, it is just a matter of someone making them an offer and according to reports, there has been a few of those made in parts of New York State.

Chautauqua Today reported that:

There have been reports of people getting notices in the mail from a company called Admiral Realty LLC offering to buy their property. The letter asks individuals to sign and return the document within three days or the offer will be rescinded. But officials say this company isn't legitimate and that anyone who gets one of these notices should throw it out.

If an offer seems to good to be true, it most likely is!

There was some very good news out of Chautauqua County this week One of the most heartwarming stories happened thanks to our media partner, Channel 4 in Buffalo.

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