The NFL world is all up in arms after one silly dance performed by the Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson after he scored on a 5-yard route against the NY Jets this past Sunday.  The dance which you can see here...., featured Stevie mocking the Jets WR Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg ( as he did) and Stevie flying like a plane and crashing ( maybe not the best idea in NYC, but it's to mock WR Santonio Holmes).


First off, the NFL has to remember what it is.  Football is no longer just a sport.  It's a business, a sport and a form of entertainment all rolled into one.  The NFL has had players like Stevie ( who are show-doggy and flashy)....Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco.  Did they really hurt the game?  Is it bad to see a player celebrating?  I, personally think its fun.  Who cares if it's bad sportsmanship.  Are guys concerned with bad sportsmanship when they are fighting for a ball at the bottom of a pile, gouging each others eyes and kicking each other.  No!

The NFL has cut back on a lot of what makes the sport fun.  EX...real kickoffs, fun TD celebrations.....stop it! Did any of T.O.'s antics hurt anybody.....cuz it was sure fun to watch.  Did the "Icky Shuffle" ruin the game for you?  No, it enhanced it.  It probably riled the other team up and made for more butt-kicking hard hitting football.

Then some argue...what kind of example is it for kids, to see a player mocking a guy who shot himself or even just show-doggin? My question back is why does the world have to be concerned with what kids see and hear.  That's the parents job.  That means because kids may see it, that adults should have to live thieir lives overly PC or like a "G" rated movie.  Gimmie a break!

The NFL world should be concerned with what the Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh did on Thanksgiving.  He kicked a Green Bay Packer player with his cleats.  The kick comes at about 1:00.