Wednesday was a big day in Buffalo and at the WYRK studios! Ted's Hot Dogs, a Buffalo tradition, is celebrating 91 years in business and to get people excited, offered hot dogs for just $.91!

That's right, for less than one dollar, you can enjoy a delicious Ted's hot dog!

So how about a challenge? Because Liz in on her final stretch of The Whole 30 diet, she couldn't have one of the hot dogs that were brought to us by Joe and the crew from Ted's. So I figured we could add a bit of fun to the already busy morning here at the studio.

It takes Liz :45 to heat up her meal. Eating a dog in under 45 seconds is really not much of a challenge. I have competed in a few burger challenges before and even was a champion at one point.

The problem I found with Wednesday's challenge was that the hot dogs were LOADED with good stuff! I chose the bacon and cheese dog and it was a lot more of a challenge  than I anticipated!


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