When tours come through the WYRK studios in downtown Buffalo, a highlight is the view that we have from the studio. Sitting twelve floors above Lafayette Square gives us an incredible perspective of Buffalo and it's a sight we may take from granted.

The way that I am positioned in the studio, my back faces the window. Dale and Liz face me and have the benefit of seeing out our window all morning long.

On Tuesday, I took a second to look out over the landscape of Buffalo and realized how much it has all changed in just the years that I have been here.

  • Coca-Cola Field (the site for our WYRK Toyota Taste of Country 2017 on June 10) has gone through some name changes, roof colors and light stanchions.
  • The Hotel Lafayette has been renovated. A new side walk that has a warming system to remove ice and snow was installed in front of the Buffalo-Erie County Library.
  • Washington Street has been dug up for repairs, patched, dug up and patched: a few times.
  • Thursday in the Square concerts (before the move to Canalside) brought thousands of people to the Square below our building.
  • "Snowvember" rolled in and grain freighters shipped out on Lake Erie.
  • One Seneca Tower has gone through some name changes and ownership.
  • Protests, rallies and even television commercials and morning news live-shots have all taken place under our watch.
  • A new hotel moved in when National Fuel moved out next to our building.
  • The Field House at New Era Field was erected and Main Street got a Metro Rail.
  • Dozens of windmills went up along the horizon in Wyoming County and in Lackawanna. And speaking of Lackawanna, we had a birds eye view of the mammoth fire at the steel plant.
  • We were even literally on top of the scene when Buffalo PD's SWAT was in action at the pawn shop around the corner.

There are more and more stories that have developed just outside our windows. The sunrises are incredible and although an occasional spider takes residence and spins a web across the glass, the view from our studios is worthy of a tour itself.


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