What to do with a tree that you've had removed from your yard that has sentimental or historic value? With the wind storms and scattered tornadoes we have has in Western New York this summer, you may have trees or logs laying around in the yard. Before you burn them, consider making them in to something special!

The tree that we had removed from our yard last October was a large silver maple. my wife's grandfather had planted way back. The story and the history of the tree are a part of her life and is part of her memories of her grandparents. We wanted to do something with the tree to keep those memories alive and have a way to remember that big tree other than in pictures.

I did some searching and found Luke at Holland Timber Company on Rte 16 in Holland. Luke was able to use his mill to saw the log the way we wanted. We plan on building a breakfast bar and some other trim work  with the boards Luke sawed from the maple log.

It is an amazing process to see in action and I was amazed at how fine tuned and detailed the machine is!

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