We've already had a couple of sightings and reports of bears in Western New York, including a few in the Depew/Cheektowaga area, but this one might be the biggest bear we've seen in a while.

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According to WKBW, a large black bear was captured on a trail camera in Holland, NY (near East Aurora) last week.

Check out the photos below:

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, you should never approach or corner a bear when sighting one. It's best to leave the bear alone.

If a bear is at your campsite never approach or corner it. It's best to yell, clap or bang pots immediately when you see a bear at your campsite. You should also never run from a bear, as they may chase you.

To help prevent bears from entering your property or campsite, it's best to not have any attractions laying around, such as food or birdseed.

Read more here.

I have personally never seen a bear with my own eyes anywhere in Western New York, but having friends who have, it might be easy to underestimate how big and fast bears are.

Has anyone seen a bear like this in the Holland or East Aurora area?

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