black bear

Eden/Angola Exit
Accidents happen every day.  Hitting a black bear by a major interstate in Eden, NY doesn't happen everyday.  But apparently it happened the other day at the Eden/Angola exit of the 90.
(Warning:  Picture of a dead bear in the post.  If that disturbs you, please stop here.)
Black Bear Stalking
Picture this: You're out on a jog with a friend in the Canadian wilderness. Suddenly you notice you're being tailed. But it's not another person behind you. It's a black bear! What would you do?
Black Bear Spotted In Orchard Park Today [GALLERY]
I just received these photos from a WYRK listener. A black bear was spotted in Orchard Park this afternoon.  Although he did not give me the exact location, here are a few photos for your viewing enjoyment. Remember that in general, bears are more scared of us than we are of them...