Nearly two weeks ago, there was a bear sighting in the area of Cheektowaga and Depew, according to the Cheektowaga Police Department.

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...and there could be more in the coming weeks.

According to WGRZ, the The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) says black bear movement increases in June, since that's when the breeding season begins.

There have been more sightings in suburban and urban areas, according to the DEC.

"We have recently begun to see a rise in reported sightings of black bears in suburban and urban areas," said New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos. "While seeing a bear is an exciting experience for many New Yorkers, bears that are inadvertently fed by humans exhibit unnatural behaviors and can become a nuisance."

According to the DEC, bears have a very acute sense of smell. This makes them attempt to eat anything they deem as edible, including garbage, birdseed, pet food, livestock and even barbecue grill grease traps, which could pose a serious danger.

Bears will leave a suburban or urban area will leave quickly and quietly if they are left alone and given the chance.

If a bear is deemed a nuisance and poses a threat, call 911.

If the bear is damaging property and won't leave the area, you're asked to call the DEC Law Enforcement Dispatch at 1-844-332-3267 or contact Regional Wildlife Office.

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