Meet Kelly Macnamara.  She plays football.  While some people might say that girls can't play football or that kickers aren't really football players, I wouldn't say it around her.

Kelly is the kicker on her high school football team at North Penn high school in Pennsylvania.

Watch as she proves all of those things to be false.  Not only can she play, she LEVELS this kick returner and possibly saves a touchdown in the process.

I remember the first time I played up against a girl on a football field.  I had always been taught to never hit a girl.  I was a center in little league and there was a girl lined up against me as a nose tackle.  For most of that game that girl beat me up pretty good.

That's when my dad (who was also my coach) finally walked up to me and said, "Look son, I know what you've been taught, and I'm proud of you but she's out here on this field just like you are.  You don't have to take it easy on her.  She's just another football player today."

Yeah...well, I wish that was the case.  I wasn't taking it easy on her.  That girl earned every lick she got in on me that day.  She was one of the toughest players I ever remember going up against.