Governor Cuomo has announced that they have more testing capabilities than are being used right now and he is urging New Yorkers to go get tested. As of Monday morning Western New York is now meeting six out of the seven metrics to begin to reopen.In order to reopen Cuomo says WNY needs to see an increased contact tracers and Erie County is training almost 300 people on how to become a tracer to get New York State to get information.

How you can help? Go get tested at one of the sites in WNY. How do you find out where to go? You can find out by simply googling “COVID-19 testing near me”. Currently, there is no site from the State that explains where to go.

Below are the guidelines for who is eligible to get tested, according to WIVB:

-Anyone who thinks they have a covid symptom
-Anyone who has had contact with someone they know who is positive for COVID-19
-Anyone who is subject to precautionary or mandatory quarantine
-Any healthcare worker or first responder
-Any essential worker who interacts with the public
-Anyone who would return to work in Phase One

To prove how easy it is, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took the COVID-19 test right during his daily press conference over the weekend:

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