Firefighters face danger on a daily basis. Most of us will never experience what it is like to enter a house that is on fire. This video shows what it is like to be a firefighter on the inside of a house during a fire!

This video that i found shows what a firefighter sees when they are attacking a fire from the inside. According to the description, this is an attic fire that is being fought from below the attic through a hole in the ceiling.

It looks as though the water is being aimed through the lighting fixture in the dining room.

A few weeks ago, I published this confession on our website:

But when I was 10 or 12 years old, I wanted to be just like my older brother Chris. He was a member of the East Aurora Fire Department. I even remember that he was a member of truck 5. Not sure really what that meant at the time but like younger brothers, I wanted to be everything that he was. I would listen intently to the scanner in my parents’ kitchen when calls would go out for the fire department to respond to a house fire, or auto accident or even the occasional basement flood. My brother would drop everything and hurry to the hall.
I listened to that scanner so often that I even knew the order of the tones when they would test “home receivers” at 5:30 every evening.
Let me take that one step further. This is probably the most revealing/embarrassing part of my obsession for the desire to be a fireman. There were times that I would put my little yellow rain slicker on, my rain boots, the plastic hat that I got at the Fireman’s Building at the Erie County Fair and get on my bike and ride up and down our street “responding to calls!” I even had a toy siren and microphone to let the people know to watch out for my “truck!”

Become a Firefighter:

Would you like to be a part of this incredible group of people? Erie County (and Western New York as a whole) has an incredible volunteer firefighter team. From the small villages to larger towns, I have had the opportunity to meet the men and women who are dedicated to being first responders and firefighters at various events and installation dinners. Click the link below to find your local FD.









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