Amazon is looking for a home for their second headquarters, Amazon HQ2, and cities across the country are making their case why they should be chosen. Buffalo and Rochester teamed up to pitch their "corridor" in hopes of bringing major growth to the area. All bids were due earlier this week and now Amazon will start the process of picking their new location. Amazon has promised to invest $5 billion and add up to 50,000 jobs in the city that is chosen for the new headquarters.

In addition to many other things, Buffalo/Niagara also produce a video to show what makes the area so special. The video is described,

"On September 7, Amazon released a public request for proposal in search of a second headquarters. The new site, HQ2, will eventually be made up of 8 million square feet and employ 50,000 people. On October 19, Buffalo submitted a joint proposal with Rochester. The collaboration is the convergence point of innovation, talent, university brain power, and a life worth bragging about. Welcome to the Buffalo-Rochester Metro Corridor."


You can also see video submission from other cities on YouTube.

Whether the region has a chance is now up to Amazon but Buffalo has been making some pretty impressive lists involving business growth, start up potential and destination cities that could draw Amazon to the region.


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